Your Monday News Briefings

Turkey and the Free Syrian Army are attacking Syrian Kurdish units near the border of Turkey.  Fighting has intensified in recent days. This could further complicate your Syrian vacation plans for the year 2092, which is when the war might be half over.

Anthony Weiner might be back at it again. His Twitter account has disappeared and some interesting photos of him with his child nearby have emerged, plunging him and his wife into another awkward scandal.

The New York Times reports today that at least 110 Republican leaders will not be voting for Trump.  It includes a chronological graphic detailing some of his more famous and embarrassing quotes. But before Clinton fans get excited, it appears that the Gary Johnson campaign is finally attempting to capitalize off the Republican refugee crisis. 

Donald Trump has challenged Hillary Clinton to release her medical records, but when will he release his tax returns?  Even if her medical records show that she’s on death’s door, would that be so bad?  It’s not like her VP choice is Sarah Palin.

It appears that a single lightning strike killed 323(!) reindeer in Norway. This is why I’ve always told you not to huddle together in the middle of an open field during a lightning storm!


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