Not a Mellow Yellow: Smoothies Linked to Hepatitis Outbreak

According to the AP, smoothie franchise locations in Virginia are considered the source of a hepatitis outbreak link to strawberries in smoothies. Centers for Disease Control expects more such outbreaks as the strawberries that were used at the locations in Virginia were probably used at other locations throughout the state and possibly the country. The reason that this sometimes happens is because animal and even human feces can find its way into fertilizer which may line the soils where strawberries grow. While there are certainly methods to prevent contamination, one such method is to prevent the use of such fertilizer. That, however, can be prohibitively expensive for some farmers, especially in other countries. Even when it isn’t too expensive farmers can save money by using the newer to fertilize their crops.  Another way that this can happen is when the water which is used to irrigate the crops is contaminated. Either way, this sounds like bad news for all the individuals involved in a lawsuit is almost certainly on the horizon.

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