Hurricane Hermine Strikes Florida

Imagine you’re a small crab or lobster near the shore of northwest Florida right now.  The water is moving inland and you are surfing into someone’s living room!  Would you watch TV?  Play video games?  Free the fish in the fish tank?  Well we will never know because this hurricane is hitting at night, and it’s tough to see anything, even with these live webcams.

You can blame the National Weather Service for timing this storm so late so we’re unable to watch what’s happening on the ground.  Instead, I’ve attached this video of storm surge so you can imagine what it’s like to be that mollusk checking out what it’s like at the underwater mall.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Hermine Strikes Florida

  1. So I’m no crab expert, (or should I say, Brachyura) but I do know that if a crab were to somehow float into a house alive, I mean without being repeatedly slammed into rocks, bricks and other floating debris, for one it would not be able to find the remote, let alone operate it, and then of course, the T.V. would be inoperable because of all of the water that got into the house. Also, crabs would have no interest at all whatsoever with opening a tank that they would not even be able to distinguish from their surroundings.


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