It’s not about getting thin…

Apple announced that the new iPhone will not have the earbud jack anymore in part to permit them to make the device thinner.  Do they really think that we are that gullible? It’s not about getting thin, it’s about money and monopoly.  By eliminating the earbud jack Apple is requiring people who use that device to use their wireless earbud to listen to music.

Currently there are numerous companies, off brand and name brand, that create cheaper replacements for the iconic white bud.  Certainly these inferior companies will attempt to create similar Bluetooth devices that will sync with the new iPhone, but knowing Apple, they will attempt to corner the market once again requiring those who choose their iPhone to use their wireless devices.

As several students were discussing this yesterday said “I will lose those new earbuds within a day!” Frankly I believe Apple is counting on that, so you have to buy more, and more and more.  The only thing that will get thinner is your pocketbook.


2 thoughts on “It’s not about getting thin…

  1. I’ve never owned an Iphone, and because of crap like this I don’t want to. Apple really has people by the balls – and despite all these shenanigans they just keep coming back for more. Have fun, Apple users.


  2. Apple is not forcing anyone to buy their Bluetooth headsets. In fact, they are including wired earpods with every Iphone. It is clear this “monopoly, money, and greed” by Apple is simply spread by those who have not looked closely enough at the issue at hand. Now, do I agree it “takes courage” (as they said in their live event) to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, no. In fact, that is one of the weirdest things said at their fall event.

    I do believe they are moving away from the 3.5mm jack to force 3rd party suppliers to move forward in technology. What that looks like though is not clear at this time.
    There are thousands of Bluetooth headphones that work with the new edition of Iphone, as well as, hundreds of lightning connected headphones.
    I will say, Apple needs to improve their internal DAC for better sound quality no matter the listening device.


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