ITT flushed dreams

ITT Technical institute closes leaving thousands of students just sort of graduating without hopes of transferring.  Some students are just one semester away from getting their degree in nursing, business, information technology or other promised careers; in short: their education is down the toilet.  Unfortunately these students have to start over, stuck with spending thousands of dollars on classes that won’t transfer.  Not only did many of these students spend their hard earned money on classes that are now useless, they went into some serious student loan debit as well.

So why won’t these classes transfer to a community college or a four year university? Different accreditation bodies that’s why.  ITT Tech was a for profit organization that used a different accreditation body than most state run colleges and universities. In fact the accreditation organization that ITT used is also under government investigation and may be forced to close soon as well.

The timing of ITT closing couldn’t be much worse. Most community colleges and universities have already started for the fall; classes are already full and running.  ITT students that are able to start over again at a community college are going to have to wait until the winter semester.

I feel bad for the numerous ITT students; perhaps the greatest thing they learned from ITT is to research where you are sending your money, what is the school’s history, who accredits them, and will their credits transfer anywhere?

One thought on “ITT flushed dreams

  1. We need more laws supporting public services and against things like for-profit education, prisons, and first responders. They create more problems than they alleviate imo.


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