What’s the backup plan if Clinton is Too Sick to Run?

CNN released a video of Hillary stumbling and appearing to faint today after she left the 9/11 memorial early.  She looks like she’s in the 9th round of a losing boxing match, but there’s not a towel in sight.  Even die-hard cough-deniers are probably feeling a bit unnerved by what appears, at least, to be the appearance of a serious issue. It will renew calls for, at the minimum, a release of her medical records by Republicans and possibly even some Democrats.  But what if Hillary is too sick to continue running?  What if her health is such a serious issue that she can’t make it through the next several weeks without going to the hospital for a prolonged period of time?  What’s the contingency plan?

Well there’s a dearth of articles which discuss this issue but the Washington Post did offer an answer to this question back in February, but that was before the convention.  The DNC rules at that time would have held then that the delegates’ votes for Hillary would be released and  they could then vote for any of the potential Democratic candidates in a brokered convention.  But now that the convention has passed, what would the rules say?  Only one conservative website seemed to offer an answer to the question (Bernie would be the nominee), but the article does not link to the DNC rules.  If that happened, it would wreak havoc because most states already have their ballots printed out and some have even begun absentee voting.  In the meantime, this couldn’t be a worse time for Hillary to do the shimmy shake.  She’s down in the polls, tied in Ohio and Florida and just dropped a 47% Romney-style gaffe at a recent speech.  Team Clinton, and that includes her medical personal, needs to come to the rescue or the Dems could be in for a thumping by Donald Trump in November, although Bernie supporters might view this as the Second Coming!

UPDATE: Her Doctors are claiming that she’s now being treated for pneumonia. But has she had this condition since January when she started experiencing regular coughing fits? Why were her advisers saying that she was suffering from allergies?

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