a little black book

Today the Gideon’s showed up at the college to handout little bibles to anyone who came to the college.  They stood on the public access and simply handed one to anyone who wanted one, no preaching, to hell and damnation, just a simple good morning and have a blessed day.  They even held the door open as I was balancing my coffee, briefcase, lunchbox and bagel.

The Gideon International is an group of businessmen who distribute bibles free of charge to whoever wants one. At one time every hotel and motel across the United Stated had a Gideon bible in the nightstand drawer. They are named after the character in the Old Testament book of Judges (chapter 6). Gideon and his army defeated the much larger enemy by simply doing what they believed their God told them to do. Today’s Gideon army believes they are doing much the same, but their enemy is evil.

Personally I think it is great that the Gideon’s do this every semester.  So many students are hopeless and need to believe in something beyond themselves; however if we are going to permit the Gideon’s to pass out bibles, then we must permit the Jehovah Witnesses, Satanist, Wicca,  Hare Krishnas (they do have really good vegetarian dinner and I had at least 3 times when I lived in A2) and atheist the same opportunity. If we truly want people to have a choice in what they believe, we have to offer them a smorgasbord to choose from.

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