The Replacements

With Bill Clinton taking his wife’s place on fundraising and Hillary taking a much-needed break from hitting the campaign trail , the internet and blogosphere are swirling with rumors of who the DNC  might replace her with if her walking pneumonia turns to something worse and she drops out, or falls and cannot get up. Here are the potential replacements, with the good, bad and ugly, ranked from most to least likely.


THE GOOD: Vice Presidential experience and leadership qualities. He nailed one a hell of a DNC speech at the convention.  With a great blue collar background and an incredible  life story with examples of overcoming obstacles and horrible family tragedy.  He’s also a guy, and comes off as tough – something that could pull away some potential Trump voters who have sexist issues.

THE BAD: Biden has said he doesn’t want to campaign, which is good because there wouldn’t be much left of that to do, but it’s tough to win a campaign without actually hitting the trail.  Also, Joe isn’t a young man anymore, and underwent surgery to repair a brain aneurysmbrain aneurysm.

THE UGLY: Joe has been known to say some seriously stupid s—.  He’s notoriously gaffe prone when not hooked up to a teleprompter and that could be a liability during a debate or press conferences.


THE GOOD: He’s popular with Millennials, known to be trustworthy and could pull off those anti-free trade voters riding the Trump Train.

THE BAD: He’s older than Trump or Clinton.  He yells a lot! And he let all the kids down who spent their last bit of pizza money on a $25 donation.

THE UGLY: Universal health care? Free college for everyone? The end to free trade? Promises promises, but those may come off as extremists to some liberal Republicans and moderate Democrats who are ready to vote Clinton.


THE GOOD: Generally affable, plays harmonica, and is prone to compromise. Somewhat boring.

THE BAD: Somewhat boring.

THE UGLY: Conservative conspiracy theorists are already painting him as a Catholic Marxist who hung out with revolutionaries.  Also, he’s kind of boring.

Who do you think would replace her as a candidate if she bows (or coughs) out of the race? Feel free to comment below!


One thought on “The Replacements

  1. The way the Dems seem to work these days it wouldn’t surprise me to see Debbie Wasserman-Schulz “step forward”. She is one of the most despised figures on the left at the moment but who knows how that organization works.


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