What is happening with all the unforced errors in the Clinton campaign?

Yesterday Politico reported that the Clinton campaign’s Daily Message Guidance issued a six point memo for surrogates to discuss Hillary Clinton’s “pneumonia” issue.

Key phrases included: “power through”;  “seems like the smart thing to do”; “raring to get back on the trail.”

The question is more than about the media getting their hands on internal campaign memos.  Crazy things happen in a campaign.  Campaigns by their nature are chaotic, at times impromptu and improvised but professional campaign staff do their jobs to minimize the events that can do damage to campaigns and make professional appear…well amateur.

But when your message control talking points are passed to the media your campaign has more problems than message control, you have a problem with vetting, document control, internal campaign security measures.

The Clinton campaign continues to make needless unforced errors.  Whether it be the reckless devotion to privacy which created the email private server scandal, the now overblown pneumonia scandal or the failure of vetting or document security which led to this release, the Clinton campaign staff are piling on to themselves and the only question becomes at what point the Clinton camp is forced to reassess leadership, both at the Campaign Manager level and the Communication Director level.

The lack of transparency from the candidate is one thing.  But when unforced errors are being compounded by unforced errors at the staff/surrogate level, reassessment of leadership is demanded, even at this stage of the campaign six weeks prior to the election.

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