Three Ways Team Clinton Can Turn Things Around

While it’s not time to panic quite yet, Donald Trump’s polls are trending towards a defeat for Hillary Clinton in November.  Ohio and Florida are back in play for him and one national poll has him beating her by 6 percentage points. Hillary has had her worst week of the campaign so far, with a noticeable absence following a frightening collapse while getting into her vehicle during the September 11 commemoration. Trump has used her time off to press his case and even go on the air to show his medical information to Dr. Oz (ironically someone who was tainted by his own controversy when he was touting weight loss supplements). So the question is, what can Hillary do to stop the bleeding?  Here are three ways she can reverse her recent losses and get her campaign back on top.


Americans see their leader as an extension of themselves in the world. When they see someone who is confident, strong, and healthy that makes them feel confident strong and healthy. When they see someone who looks like they’re about to die as they are helped into a car, it reminds them of their own fragility and frailty. The presidency is more than just a job, it’s a symbol. For those Americans who look to tradition and symbols to cater to their psychic need for immortality, a presidential candidate must demonstrate strength and prowess. The solution? Hillary fell but she needs to stand up strong and go after Trump hard.  She must call him a con man and a fraud.  She must pledge that we’re going to give America’s enemies hell. She needs to talk tough and act tough. Her campaign needs to make this the second coming of Hillary and use it as an opportunity to resurrect this campaign. Maybe she can take a page from FDR’s book when he declared war on Japan.


Julian Assange has promised to drop embarrassing and potentially damaging emails and  sometime in the next few weeks, just in time for it to resonate with voters at the polls. What Clinton should do now is unleash everything before he has a chance to do so. She should then go in front of the cameras and explain everything that those emails may reveal.  If it is indeed embarrassing, apologize. She should tell the American people that she made mistakes in the past. That she feels terrible about those mistakes and she pledged to change everything about the way that she will be performing in the future. Then she must turn the tables and demand that Trump apologize for all of his victims. For instance, he should say sorry to all the students that he scammed Trump University, and all of the contractors and small-business persons who were not paid. Where are his tax returns? What is he hiding? Once she reveals all the damaging information then she can feel free to attack Trump for failing to reveal his.


Last week Hillary Clinton made an astounding error in characterizing half of Donald trumps voters as a “basket of deplorables”.  While it was not on par with the Mitt Romney ‘47%’ gaffe in the 2012 election, it was still poor form.  Are many Trump voters racist? Sexist? Homophobic? Fascist? They may very well be. But calling them names is essentially telling them that she does not want their vote when she cannot afford to throw votes away. The left has its own issues with discrimination. In 2008 the state of California voted against same-sex marriage. One of the biggest reasons for the vote was that African-Americans in California, who tend to be religious churchgoers, held the belief that homosexuality was a sin and therefore they could not in good conscience go to permit same-sex marriage. But as any political scientist will tell you there are very few one-issue voters in the United States.  The very same African-Americans overwhelmingly voted Democrat in the presidential election and will almost certainly do so again. By castigating these individuals as “homophobes” it’s very possible that any elected official in the Democratic Party could lose them entirely.

Instead of punishing  ‘half’ of Trump supporters, why not convince these so-called “deplorables” to vote for Hillary Clinton? The way to do this is to appeal to their economic interests. Explain that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about. That he has hired many foreign workers and continues to do so. There are plenty of racist, homophobic, and sexist voters who still vote Democrat because they believe it is in their rational best interest to do so. Just as there are evangelicals willing to give up their family values to vote Trump there are plenty of vitriol-spewing rural rednecks willing to put aside their commitment to the Confederacy to vote Democrat. They just need a good reason, not insults.

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